Odo-Rite – Natural Floor Cleaner with Odour Controller – Baby safe cleaner no harmful chemicals


  • Deep Action cleaning and Odor control in home
  • Efficient cleaning in natural way – baby safe cleaner no harmful cleaner
  • Contains no chlorine or other harmful chemicals
  • Highly Bio – Degradable and added enhanced Eco – Friendly ingredient
  • Remove after mop smell instantly
  • Efficient in removing musty odour for home floor in monsoon
  • Highly helpful for when elderly people at home.
  • You can wash Bed pan, urine pot and adult urine smell
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Keeping our home clean is one of the primary challenges we face every day. We are constantly exposed to harmful germs and other microorganisms leading to infections and diseases. Odo-Rite floor cleaner helps you combat this problem using the latest bio-technology and that disinfects the surface and destroys odour. The  natural enzymatic bacteria in the solution helps in destroying the microbes. Its unique odour removal action ensures that even the toughest of odours are eliminated.

Odo-Rite is free from harmful chemicals and hazardous propellants and is safe for people, pets and the planet. 


  •  It is best suited for cleaning a variety of surfaces such as floors, bathroom walls, counter tops and hard surfaces.
  • Ideal for surfaces like- marble,stainless steel, glass, wood, and other non-porous surfaces.


  • Shake well before use.
  • It can be directly applied to the stain or be used diluted.
  • For general everyday cleaning, dilute 20ml in half bucket of water and then mop the floor. For best results,use daily.
  • For tough stains, apply the solution directly.


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