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Made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, Odo-Rite is safe for People, Pets and the Planet

Home Freshener

My car had an issue of AC water leak inside the car. When i was driving from my office i found the passenger front side full of water.
I did visit the Authorised service station and they told me it was because AC pipe drain was blocked. They did remove the car flooring and the water from the car. But then also the car smelled foul. I did applied this Air freshner generously for 3-5 days and it felt better. It would be of great help to anyone looking to solve foul smelling car carpet

Dil navaz Hudda

Pet Area Freshener

The delivery was done fast and I used it in my car to get rid of a damp seat smell.
The spray doesnt have a strong smell of it’s own and does manage to kill the foul odour in a few seconds.
I use it every time before getting in the car and with time,it has helped.

arjun ankathil

Kennel Wash

I brought home a GSD puppy recently. He is getting potty trained, so accidents happen all the time. We found that it was hard to remove the odour completely as he comes back to the same spot for his business. So, searched for a product without harmful chemicals and found this solution from odoritr. It does what it says. It removes the odour completely, pleasant smell, no harsh chemicals. Happy with my purchase. Nice packaging and got it before the delivery date. Thank you odorite

Neena Thomas

Shoe Deo

After non-availability of my favourite shoe deo from Woodland, I was looking for a decent replacement. Tried a few other brands, and was disappointed. Finally, this product from Odo-Rite came very close to my expectations. Good stuff. Just one thing, the spray quality of the bottle needs to be improved; sometimes it sprays large drops instead of fine droplets as it normally should.

Darshan Shirasi

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Showing all 5 results